MRI Compatibles

MRI WHEELCHAIR, wheelchair, MRI Compatibles

MRI Wheelchair

This Non Ferromagnetic MRI wheelchair is constructed entirely of non ferromagnetic materials. Specifically designed for use in and around the MRI suite.

MRI STRETCHER, stretcher, MRI Compatibles

MRI Stretcher

Our product line of MRI-compatible patient transport tables/ stretchers includes four different versions with categories of height adjustment, side railings etc. They are suitable for static magnetic field of maximum 3 Tesla or less.

MRI PULSE OXIMETER, oximetro para ressonancia magnetica, MRI Compatibles

MRI Pulse Oximeter

The fiber optic pulse oximeter is specifically designed for MRI environments. It can be used in fixed-site or mobile MRI facilities for monitoring infant, pediatric, and adult patients.

FERROMAGNETIC DETECTOR, detection system ferralert halo ii, MRI Compatibles

Ferromagnetic Detector

FerrAlert™ Halo II Plus guards at the entrance into the MRI exam room, providing the most precise and reliable detection of medium to large ferromagnetic threats. FerrAlert™ Halo II Plus provides significant assistance in the prevention of serious injury to patients and staff or equipment damage.

MRI FIRE EXTINGUISHER, non magnetic fire extinguisher, MRI Compatibles

MRI Fire Extinguisher

This MRI Fire Extinguisher are Class B-C and is best used for liquid or electrical fires. This fire extinguisher has been tested to 11.7T.

MRI AUDIO, headphones, MRI Compatibles

MRI Audio

As a complete MRI audio system, it’s an effective means of enhancing patient enjoyment and satisfaction scores, making technologists’ jobs easier, and improving the efficiency.

MRI CYLINDERS, cylinder, MRI Compatibles

MRI Cylinders

This MRI Oxygen E Cylinder is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to be able to transport a significant oxygen supply into the MRI Suite.

MRI LARYNGOSCOPE, laryngoscope kit, MRI Compatibles

MRI Laryngoscope

TA non-magnetic Fiber Optic Handle with LED Bulb and low magnetic Field Batteries (4 included). Also comes with 6 assortment of Blades.

MRI FURNITURE, creeper seat plans, MRI Compatibles

MRI Furniture

Heavy duty non Magnetic carts will not rust, dent, chip or peel. Great for use to move with multipurpose things or other heavy equipment into and out of the MRI Suite.

MRI PHANTOM, MRI Compatibles

MRI Phantom

MRI Phantoms are approved by the American College of Radiology and is compatible with the ACR Phantom Cradles.

MRI TOOLS, blade, MRI Compatibles

MRI Tools

MRI safe hand tools are primarily made of titanium, making these MRI approved tools both durable and safe to magnetic wave exposure.


Magnetism Measurement

There are handheld products designed to give you a magnetism measurement on any equipment before it gets near an MRI.

MRI MARKERS, marking tools, MRI Compatibles

MRI Markers

MRI Medical Imaging Markers including CT, MRI, Skin and Multi-Modality Markers appear as a bright object on scans and can be seen on all MRI sequences.

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