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What is fMRI ?

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the Brain, is the use of MRI to observe neural activity in the brain of humans or other animals. It is one of the more recently developed forms of neuroimaging. Functional Brain Imaging using MRI will non-invasively record brain activity without the risks associated with some other forms of imaging.

fMRI may detect abnormalities within the brain that cannot be found with other imaging techniques.

What is fMRI ?

fMRI Applications in Different Medical Departments

Neurology, nervous system and emotions


Psychology, psyhologic consultation


Radiology, neuroscientists


Oncology, electronics


Introduction To Our fMRI System

We are delighted to introduce this latest technology to our range of MRI products. It is a turnkey fMRI Solution with user friendly interface & fMRI protocols as per ASFNR standards. Our fMRI & In-Bore Solution interfaces with any PC or Laptop with a digital (HDMI) output ensuring a high quality image. The use of fibre optic technology for the delivery of the signal to the shielded screen enclosure guarantees an artefact free scan. As the system is permanently mounted there is no set up required when functional imaging is taking place ensuring an efficient throughput of patients. Our Stimulus software provides ability to customise paradigms as required. The patient response system helps in getting feedback with real time synchronisation with MRI scanner.

Introduction To Our fMRI System, bed frame

fMRI System Key Features

Stimulus Presentation Software

Stimulus Presentation Software

Customisable easy to use paradigm software with ability to customise any world language. Comes with In-Built paradigms as per ASFNR standatds. The software allows to add images, videos, text or event codes.

fMRI Visual System

fMRI Visual System

MRI Full HD screen & Video Goggle for viewing fMRI experiments & enhanced patient experience. The system can be used for patient comfort when not being used for Functional MRI.

Patient Response Pads

Patient Response Pads

For maximum patient safety, the response pads are built with 100% plastic and fiber optics, eliminating all risk to patients and all interference with or from the magnet. Comes with 2 & 4 button response pads.

Synchronisation Device

Synchronisation Device

Synchronisation Box is sturdy and fast controller captures patients’ button presses and the triggers generated by MRI scanners. The controller is supported by many software packages and programming languages.

fMRI Post Processing Application

fMRI Post Processing Application

Seamless fMRI mapping of the brain to identify critical functions designed specially for clinical workflow. Automated 3D fMRI & DTI post processing with easy export to PACS.

fMRI Post Processing Software

fMRI Post Processing Software

Seamless fMRI mapping of the brain to identify critical functions using Olea fMRI post processing application. Less clicks and more fMRI scan automation to help you focus on sensitive steps of your patient care. Compliance with neuronavigation system, all functional magnetic resonance imaging maps and DICOM objects are exported.

Olea fMRI post processing application fMRI Post Processing Software

How It Works ?

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