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About MRI Ambience

The Kryptonite Ambient Experience integrates architecture, design and enabling technologies, such as dynamic lighting, to allow patients and staff to personalize their environment to create a relaxing atmosphere with MRI projector & ambient lighting. Patients are able to select room themes and empowering them to be involved in their own care. Concurrently, Kryptonite’s designers take special care to address the needs of the clinical staff to make their workplace efficient and pleasant.

The Ambient Experience can help reduce patient anxiety, improve workflow and patient care. Kryptonite’s MRI ambience solution along with MRI projector is aesthetically designed system that generates specifically created themes with practical procedure light for an excellent staff working environment & patient relaxation. It transforms a standard MRI room into one that fully supports the tasks performed by staff and reduces patient anxiety at the same time.

MRI Projector

MRI Projector, mri compatible projector, MRI ambience

Kryptonite’s high-end MRI projectors are developed for working inside the sensitive MRI suites. The product promotes healing environment promotes harmony of mind, body, and spirit; and studies have shown this can promote faster healing. Successful healthcare facilities understand that patients expect not only the best equipment; but the experience they will remember and tell everyone about. It’s all about the experience the patient had while they were at the facility.
All-digital fiber optic control guarantees crystal-clear, sharp images as well as a simple installation which requires only a single fiber connection from the control room to the scanner room. No bulky equipment interfering with the accessibility of the scan room.

Features & Benefits

MRI Projector, mri compatible projector, MRI ambience

The MRI long throw projector is enclosed in a RF free non-magnetic casing installed at minimum distance of 2m from iso-center

Screen transition on monitor, MRI ambience

Lively videos on the wall diverts patient’s mind while in MRI room

Patient with Doctor, MRI ambience

MRI Projector changes the way patients, family & staff experience healthcare

Easy Installation on OLD and New MRIs, MRI ambience

System Can be installed to an existing equipment or part of new project

Monitor with Media Icons, MRI ambience

Videos include themes such beautiful nature, cartoons, travel, & much more

MRI Ambient Lighting

MRI Ambient Lighting, computed tomography, MRI ambience

The MRI Ambience Lighting Solution is a technology specially designed for use in MRI exam rooms. It is produced in a LED light form factor, it has no UV, IR or RF emissions and is unaffected by magnetic fields. Thanks to these features, it can be installed in the ceiling of an MRI room. Chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy, is a method which uses light in the form of colour to balance energy lacking from a person’s body. Colour is a fundamental element of environmental design. It is linked to psychological, physiological, and social reactions of human beings, as well as aesthetic and technical aspects of human-made environments.

Features & Benefits

Illustrative Buld with Ambience Lighting, MRI ambience

Colourful lights makes patient relaxed in soothing environment

Energy & maintenance cost savings, MRI ambience

Energy & maintenance cost savings

Wireless remote, MRI ambience

Wireless remote gives the control to the user to change dynamic colours

Easy installation, MRI ambience

Easy installation makes it more convenient for new as well as existing MRI rooms

MRI Safe Technology, MRI ambience

MRI Safe

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