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About In-Bore MRI Cinema

MRI scan is usually a terrifying experience for most people. As a result, some move so much that they cause motion artifacts, can’t complete the scan, or cause delay in scan time. This ultimately results not only in revenue loss for the MRI Centre but also unsatisfactory patient experience. Introducing In-Bore MRI Cinema where you can give your patients the freedom to relax & stay calm inside an MRI scanner with high quality entertainment of their choice. Our In-Bore MRI Cinema is specifically designed to reduce patient claustrophobia & enhance their MRI experience. The atmosphere created by In-Bore MRI Cinema distracts the patient’s attention delivering a very soothing experience.

System Benefits

Marketability umbrella, In Bore MRI Cinema New


In today’s competitive marketplace, patients often look around for the facility they hope will provide the most attentive care

Reduce Claustrophobia & Anxiety, illustration, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Reduce Claustrophobia & Anxiety

Gives patient a visual focal point to distract them during their scans

Reduce Sedation, dont play with sharp objects clip art, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Reduce Sedation

Minimize the need for anaesthesia or sedation, especially for paediatrics

Staff & Patient Satisfaction,medical equipment vector, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Staff & Patient Satisfaction

By putting patients at ease, clinicians can complete MR Scans quickly & capture high quality images all while increasing patient satisfaction

Patient Centric Comfort, doctor and patient characters, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Patient Centric Comfort

Encourages patients to relax and stay calm while providing exceptional care

Immersive Visual Experience, illustration, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Immersive Visual Experience

Lets patients experience the reality within the virtual world

How It Works ?

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High Resolution Monitor, In Bore MRI Cinema New

High Resolution Monitor

1.5T & 3T compatible RF Shielded Full HD1080p Display

All OEM Friendly System, In Bore MRI Cinema New

All OEM Friendly System

Compatible with all MRI Scanners

Console Camera, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Console Camera

Allows patients to watch their loved ones during MRI scan

Visual Library, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Visual Library

Easy Access to CD/DVD, USB Stick, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

System mobility, In Bore MRI Cinema New

System mobility

Installation of monitor on trolley or wall mounting in rear of the magnet

Easy to Install, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Easy to Install

System made easy to install worldwide & simple to use with click of a button

Audio Integration, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Audio Integration

Our Visual System integrates with MRI OEMs existing Audio System

fMRI Visual System, In Bore MRI Cinema New

fMRI Visual System

System upgradable to Functional MRI

MRI Audio System

The loud noises made by the MRI machine during a scan can make it very difficult for a patient to remain calm through the procedure. Our MRI Audio system with pneumatic headsets provide stereo sound to the patients while having an MRI scan, reducing the throbbing sound created by MRI machine. The system is comfortable and easy to wear while effectively protecting the ears. These noise cancellation headphones provide good noise suppression helping patients to relax inside MRI scan.


  • 29 dB noise cancellation
  • Digital Amplifier
  • Choice of music
  • Sonic Transducer
  • Over-Ear Headphones
  • In-Ear Headphones
  • Technologist Speakers
  • Technician Mic
  • 3.5mm to RCA Cable
  • Console to operate music
  • Pneumatic Tubing
Complete MRI Suite
MRI Audio System, In Bore MRI Cinema New

Some of Our Valued Customers Worldwide

General Electric Healthcare, In Bore MRI Cinema New
Siemens Healthcare, In Bore MRI Cinema New
breach candy hospital trust, In Bore MRI Cinema New
fortis healthcare, In Bore MRI Cinema New
narayana hrudayalaya hospital, In Bore MRI Cinema New
blk hospital, In Bore MRI Cinema New
united hospital limited, In Bore MRI Cinema New
miot International, In Bore MRI Cinema New

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Radiologist Testimonial

 Dr.Anirudh Kohli,

"With Kryptonite's versatile MRI TV inside the bore, Claustrophobia is now Historic"

- Dr.Anirudh Kohli,
Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai

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