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Kryptonite Solutions brings the healthcare industry state-of-the-art products to transform hospital infrastructure and deliver excellent patient experience.

We help healthcare centres provide state of the art patient experience with the technology based products like Virtual Skylights, MRI Patient Relaxation Line, In-Bore MRI Cinema & Neuro Imaging Products.


Our State of The Art MRI Solutions

In Bore MRI Cinema

Introducing In-Bore MRI Cinema where you can give your patients the freedom to relax & stay calm inside an MRI scanner with high quality entertainment of their choice. Our In-Bore MRI Cinema is specifically designed to reduce patient claustrophobia & enhance their MRI experience. The atmosphere created by In-Bore MRI Cinema distracts the patient’s attention delivering a very soothing experience.

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Charlie chaplin Classic Comedy
Watch Charlie Chaplin Classic Comedy
Watch Legendary matches
Watch Legendary Matches
Watch nature trails
Watch Nature Trails
Watch nature trails video
Watch Nature Trails video






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