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Patient Relaxation Products in an MRI

Why Patient relaxation and comfort is necessary in MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an important tool for the diagnosis of the patient. But the problems faced by the patient while entering the MRI machine are anxiety, stress and fear of going inside the MRI Scanner. This problem arises due to the small compact magnetic bore, where the patient is not allowed to move during the scan. Additionally, the machine’s sound generates more fear inside the patient and eventually due to this fear the patient moves, thereby increasing the scan time. This leads to repeat scans, cancellation of scans, reimbursement and other issues which decrease productivity. Therefore, to resolve these problems, patient relaxation and comfort is needed & is to be focused on.


MRI Audio System: The MR technology is being improving in the last two decades, mainly focusing on patient comfort as the priority. Thereby persuading the MRI manufacturing companies to provide the MR Audio system along with their MRI machines. The MRI Audio system works as the communication system between the patient and technologist and other staff or relative thereby enhancing patient comfort and co-operation, which results in the positive feedback from the patient after the completion of the scan. It allows users to play music of their choice and also benefits the technologist to communicate with the patient. The audio system also empowers the technologist to run the scan on time without rescan or delay in the scan which increases the patient count. This mainly adds to the benefit of patient’s comfort by reducing anxiety and claustrophobic problems. The audio system consists of a noise cancellation and high attenuation headphones which is given to the patient and a console computer operated by the technologist to play the music and communicate. The audio system outputs a high quality, unmixed sound to the patient by reducing the magnetic coil’s noise during the MRI scan. This results in the patient’s safety by reducing the high decibels of sound created by the MRI machine and limiting it to a minimum range reducing the damage caused to the ears. The audio system provides the patients to play music, audio books, or bring in your own list of songs and make the MRI room into a personalised music room.

MRI Entertainment System:

The latest MRI technology that has become a trend for patient relaxation is by entertaining the patient during the MRI Scan. MRI Entertainment system comes in generally two types as an In-bore MRI system where the LCD monitor is placed behind/ front of the MRI bore. The MRI Entertainment system comprises of a LCD monitor and a mirror to reflect the monitor screen in the console room. MRI Entertainment System outputs a revolutionary full HD display screen with a pure, bright and exceptional quality of visuals. It provides multiple input options like CD/ DVD, USB, YouTube, Netflix and television which makes it patient-friendly. The entertainment system can be connected with the MRI scanner audio output or the system’s audio output giving the patient a movie-like experience. Moreover, an additional benefit of the entertainment system is that it can also be used for Functional MRI. It can be mounted on a wall behind the magnetic bore or can be placed on a movable trolley for ease of handling. The entertainment system contributes to the patient’s relaxation by creating a positive mind set before undergoing the scan. This system relieves stress, anxiety and claustrophobia by distracting the patient focus from the machine and entertains during the ongoing scan. Due to these advances in the technology for patient comfort, there has been a gross reduction in the cancellation or repeating of scans, decrease in the use of sedation specially in children, and increase in the productivity and patient workflow.

MRI Projector System:

The MRI Projector creates a different ambience for the patients when they enter the MRI room. The MRI Projector is mounted on the ceiling and projects the display on one of the walls of the MRI room. MRI projector creates a unique experience along with the Ambient Lighting by distracting the patient from the huge magnetic machine. It provides a fascinating experience when the patient is in feet first scan or during other procedures thereby comforting both the patient and its relatives. The MRI projector is MR compatible resulting in an artifact- free scan. Patients can watch any videos of their choice along with theme options and lively animated videos for kids. MRI Projector reduces patient anxiety problems and keep their focus on lighting and projection.

MRI Ambient Lighting System:

The MRI Ambient Lighting is particularly designed for a close-packed MR environment and it does not affect the magnetic field of the MRI machine. It uses LED Strip lights which are installed at the ceiling and the color of the lights can be changed according to the patient’s mood and preferred color. The MRI Ambient Lighting is controlled by a remote which makes it easy for the patient and the technologist to control the lights for performing any procedure. This allows the patient to enter into a solace environment by engaging them with different color themes according to their moods. The MRI Ambient Lighting system reduces patient’s fears of entering into an MRI Scanner and makes them comfortable with the MRI environment.

MRI Virtual Skylights:

MRI Virtual Skylights are images with designs of nature, sky and landscape embedded on the LED lights. It gives an illusion as though we are actually standing under the sky. It gives an experience of blissful environment by keeping the patient distracted from the MRI machine. These Virtual Skylights not only reduces the claustrophobia of the patients but are also designed to catch attention of the patient. As there is increase in the information on the internet, patient’s knowledge about the diseases and the treatment involved has increased resulting in the growing patients demands. Patients nowadays look for comfort undergoing any procedure, so there is increase in the demand of relaxation products. Hospitals focus on those patient needs and try to fulfil those demands so that the patient can come up from difficult times with ease.

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