Now, having MRI is like going to movies, Kryptonite solutions

Now, having MRI is like going to movies

Patients can bring in their favourite DVD, select a video from our library or watch YouTube/Live News/TV Shows

Relaxing Patient Experience

Now patients having an MRI will find it a fun, fast, and enjoyable experience with the In-Bore MRI Cinema reducing claustrophobia.

MRI Department and Patient Experience go in harmony. With In-Bore MRI Cinema, the patient experience has been positive with calming, lovely, distracted environment. Patients with claustrophobia or who were impatient, had a great experience as their focus really fills up with what’s playing on the screen. There becomes a significant reduction in patient motion, scan cancellations and reduced re-scans & non- completed exams, thereby improving MRI Department’s efficiency.

Relaxing Patient Experience

The In-Bore MRI Cinema gives patients the feeling of being in a much larger space, similar to watching TV in their living room at home. This added sense of space helps patients relax and remain still, resulting in better quality images and reducing the need for re-scans.

In-Bore MRI Patient Study

Recent studies from MRIs demonstrate the broad impact of enhancing the patient experience during MRI Scans reducing number of Rescans
In-Bore MRI Patient Study

An MRI scan can be stressful and noisy experience for some patients as they feel uncomfortable and anxious to remain still during the entire scan time. This may have motion artefacts or the need for re-scans or even scan cancellations. Some patients might even need sedations for going through successful MRI Scans. In the study, it was found that before installing In-Bore MRI Cinema, 60% patients reported the whole MRI experience unsatisfactory. After installing In-Bore MRI Cinema, it was observed that it really helped patients feel calm and stress free thereby reduced rescans, saving time. The primary data collected shows how effective and efficiently has this helped. Hence, to improve this and enhance patient MRI scan experience, Kryptonite  helps to create a comfortable and relaxed environment. Watching visual content along with audio can distract the patient and helps in smooth scan.

“Relaxed patient is key to a successful scan”



Kids are often sedated for a lengthy Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan. But with help of our In-Bore MRI Cinema, they have their MRI done with entertainment without anaesthesia. Avoiding anaesthesia not only makes the process much more pleasant for the family and child, but also safer.

In-Bore MRI in India

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