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8 Things That Will Help You to Prepare For an MRI

Few Things to ask your doctor before getting an MRI done:

1.Speak with your doctor about Claustrophobia: You should inform your doctor, if you have any claustrophobic problems. You will be lying inside the close packed MRI machine for a long duration of time may lead to anxiety. To overcome this problem, speak to your doctor in advance to your MRI scan, and talk about your concerns as well as your history with claustrophobia. This will help your doctor prescribe you medications before the MRI scan, that will keep you relax during the scan.

2.Speak about your medical conditions: You should always speak honestly with your doctor about the past medical conditions. In certain conditions, there will be modification required in the MRI scan. The following conditions that you should be aware while undergoing the MRI scan: a. Pacemaker b. Pregnancy c. Any metallic implant d. Cochlear Implant e. Kidney related problems It is safe to inform your doctor about the above list of conditions before conducting the MRI procedure. Informing about your medical history to the doctor will help in reducing the risk, which could lead to the problems with the scan.

3.Speak about any specific diet: You should ask your doctor about any type of diet which needs to be followed before the MRI scan. Usually, eating a normal diet is recommended by doctors. In case, if the doctor tells you to avoid specific foods or any changes in the diet has to be followed before the MRI. This will help you to go through the scan as normally as possible and will get the results that will help the doctor treat you accurately.

How to prepare for an MRI scan?

Instructions to follow before getting an MRI done:

1.Know about the MRI: Educate yourself about the MRI system – its working and the sound of the machine and how long your MRI procedure will take. The duration of the scan can vary according to the type of body part along with its symptoms. There are different kinds of MRI systems available such Closed MRI System, Open MRI system or an Upright MRI system. You can refer to our blog – 11 interesting facts before getting an MRI on our website.

2.Eat a Normal diet and medications: It is recommended to have a normal light diet before the MRI scan. In case, if your doctor has prescribed you with specific diet before MRI study, follow your diet. Similarly, for medications take according to the prescribed dose before the scan.

3.Carry all the required documents: You need to carry the prescription of your doctor, and all the medical history documents that is required in reference with your MRI scan.

4.Arrive early before your appointment time: It is always a good idea to reach your MRI scan centre before the appointed time as it will help you prepare for the scan. There are certain forms such as (Patient information and history form, Consent forms) to be filled before the scan. In order to remove the metal objects or to change into hospital gown and get settled in before the MRI scan.

5.Metallic objects not allowed: You should be aware to remove all the metallic objects outside the MRI room before conducting the MRI scan. This also implies to the relatives accompanying with the patient. Metallic objects such as jewellery, pins, implants, keys, watches, belts, spectacles, coins, hearings aids and dentures. You should remove your wallet and mobile phones outside the scan room as the credit cards can easily get corrupted and mobiles may get damaged by the huge magnetic field.

6.Dress should be comfortable and metal free: It is suggested to wear loose clothing with no metal in your clothing such as metallic zips, buttons. If you tend to wear such clothes with metals in it, you are allowed to change in hospital gown before letting you in the MRI room.

7.No piercing, or Makeup: Before going into the MRI room, you need to remove the new piercings, there is not a problem with old piercing which has healed. Old piercing which has not yet healed can be worn off due to MRI magnetic field strength. It is recommended not to put any make up before getting your MRI scan.

8.MRI contrast: If your doctor has suggested for the MRI contrast study, you will be given a (non-iodinated contrast drug) an injection into the vein during the ongoing scan. The contrast injected is most commonly Gadolinium and the MRI nurse will give you instructions prior to the scan. If you have any allergic reactions to such drugs please inform the MRI technician or your doctor before the scan.

What happens after the MRI Scan?

1.The MRI scan is a painless test as it is a safe scanning procedure. In case if you have a contrast test, it might cause a little pain as the contrast is injected in to the vein through a needle.

2.If you feel unusual symptoms or any side effects as mentioned in the picture above or more pain after the scan inform the MRI technician and your referring doctor about it.

3.After the scan, the recorded pictures of the MRI are sent to the radiologist for reporting.

4.Once the scan is done, you will be asked to come a day later or two, for the collection of the MRI scan with reports.

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