Evidence-based Illusions of Nature

Neural research on Sky Factory's Open Sky Compositions has received international recognition for its exceptional quality and practice-based application.

Imaging & Oncology Environments

Designed and manufactured according to a proprietary framework called Open Skies Image Technology, artists, engineers, and craftspeople collaborate in the creation of images that have a multisensory effect on the human physiology.

The result are Open Sky Compositions that are not only beautiful depictions of sky events, but simultaneously engage spatial cognition.

This phenomenon, backed by published research, endows our installations with the ability to engross observers in an optical illusion that yields meaningful therapeutic benefits for mind and body.

“No one enters our CyberKnife vault without commenting on how beautiful the Luminous SkyCeiling is.”

Richard L. Deming - Medical Director

CyberKnife Radiosurgery Center, Mercy Medical Des Moines, IA

Reception & Waiting Rooms

Unlike overstimulating televised content, our suite of virtual skylights and simulated nature panoramas create a relaxing focal point in interior waiting rooms.

Our Digital Cinema line features fluid, long-form nature footage that is properly scaled to fit within a faux skylight or window-like frame.

By providing an architectural context to the visual content, we alter how occupants perceive their surroundings.

Select from a variety of natural panoramas, wildlife, and underwater marine environments and imbue public spaces with an inviting and soothing ambiance.

Patient & Emergency Rooms

Patient rooms without access to a genuine view to nature can still benefit from biophilic engagement with our family of Luminous SkyCeilings, including our Personal Revelation SkyCeiling, which fits in even the most equipped ceilings.

Larger patient suites are also ideal environments for Luminous Virtual Windows, particularly in metropolitan hospitals with no visual access to natural spaces.

“Incorporating a Luminous SkyCeiling is an excellent way for designers to provide patients with the benefits of a natural skylight, even on the ground floor of a multistory urban facility.”

Scott Widdall - Project Architect

Lancaster General Hospital, Radiology Dept. Widdall Architects

Treatment Rooms

Therapeutic interventions often require that patients lay still, in a supine position, for the session duration. However, we instinctively seek a visual anchor point to rest our eyes and explore our surroundings.

Luminous SkyCeilings, Luminous Virtual Windows, and our suite of Digital Cinema products add another dimension to isolated clinical spaces by effectively reducing the observer’s perceived sense of scale.

“The Luminous SkyCeilings have enhanced our patients' surgical visits. The sense of nature, peace, and calmness permeates the recovery room area. It is the talk of the community!”

Joyce Deno - Chief Operating Officer

Regent Surgical Health Westchester, IL


Transform interior hallways into pleasant throughways by expanding their perceived spatial attributes.

Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows allow the tunnel-like dimensions of deep plan floors to gain a palpable sense of expansion that provides relief to patients and staff.

“Visitors find the Luminous SkyCeiling very comfortable and children are especially responsive to it.”

Dr. Teufel

Teufel Cardiology Clinic Frankfurt, Germany

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