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About RT Contouring Tablet

Contour station is the adoption of new technology tools for radiation therapy focuses on better ways to localize treatment targets, and monitor the success of patient therapy. One of the indispensable tools shaping the future of IGRT is an interactive pen display, The Contour Station. Upon first seeing the contouring tablet, radiation oncologist have recognised its potential for contouring on study images to delineate target volumes for radiation therapy. Having the physician or dosimetrist use the digital pen to draw directly on the screen where the image is shown is inherently easier than the traditional workflow.

RT Contouring Tablet


RT Contouring Tablet

Delivers an accurate finished target

RT Contouring Tablet

Comfortable working that helps accelerate up radiotherapy process

RT Contouring Tablet

60% less time required for radiation target volume definition

RT Contouring Tablet

Reducing fatigue & making contouring easy

Next generation contouring

With a generous 21” LCD monitor, the contouring tablet provides a large-screen experience with superior resolution, display quality, and advanced features. It combines a high-resolution display and a dynamically adjustable stand that allows the display to be rotated and inclined for optimal viewing and ergonomic comfort. It is an excellent choice for medical professionals who want to realize the benefits of working with a pen on screen.

RT Contouring Tablet


Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, USA- Dr. Fuss states, and his staff and residents concur, that “The pen-on-screen experience delivers a natural, accurate workflow with little or no learning curve, and the time consuming process of radiation target volume definition has become much faster using the pen. The pen’s intuitive use delivers more control than a traditional mouse.
In fact, since deploying the contouring tablet and tracking times to define radiation target volumes, Dr. Fuss estimates that the interactive pen display has cut time requirements by as much as 60%. As such, the IGRT Group has confidently been able to handle a significant increase in case volumes and still maintain its dedication to quality patient care.

  • 24’’ Full-HD pen display

  • Support for both analog & digital with DVI in/out

  • Fully adjustable with stand

  • Easy to install

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Customers, Kryptonite Soution, RT Contouring Tablet
Customers, Kryptonite Soution, RT Contouring Tablet
Customers, Kryptonite Soution, RT Contouring Tablet

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