Women’s Health

The complete women’s health MRI imaging platform to automate and simplify screenings for improved patient care

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Olea Medical-women’s health, Kryptonite solutions
Vendor-Neutral Software with Standardized Reviews and Reporting

Our cutting-edge women’s imaging solution offers you critical support by accelerating results, helping decrease workload and maximizing confidence in your decision-making.

State-of-the-art apps to streamline routine women’s health MRI imaging

Our leading-edge embedded technologies with automatic data visualization and segmentation help characterize abnormalities, evaluate priors and assist in interventional planning.

  • Didactic reporting assistant (based on BI-RADS ® ATLAS report)n
  • Graphical kinetics assessment
  • Breast MR dedicated application
  • Female pelvis dedicated workspace
  • Volume segmentation
  • Intuitive multi-parametric user interface
Olea Medical-women’s health, Kryptonite solutions

A deep-dive into our women’s health imaging solution


Enhancement computation

Wash-out computation

Automatic subtraction


Lesion volume

Automatic metrics



Didactic reporting assistant

Unique environment

Easy data sharing


Texture Research

Quantitative DCE maps

ADC computation

Multi-b computation

Kurtosis computation
Coming soon

Olea Medical-women’s health, Kryptonite solutions
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