One solution to assure the full continuum of cardiology MRI imaging & care

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Olea Medical-Cardiology, Kryptonite solutions
The Comprehensive, Automated and Vendor-Independent Solution

Olea Medical offers an advanced and dedicated analysis platform to get the most out of your images in a fast and efficient way.

Take advantage of the wealth of information that cardiology MRI brings

A full cardiology MRI solution for faster differenciation between normal functional areas and lesions, and analyzing cardiovascular dimensions, morphology and myocardial function.

  • Phase-contrast blood flow
  • T2-weighted analysis
  • T2/T2* mapping, T1 mapping
  • Time signal intensity analysis
  • Integrated reporting
  • Volume measurement with automated contouring
Olea Medical-Cardiology, Kryptonite solutions

One solution for visualizing the full spectrum of cardiology imaging & care


Basic sculpting tools

T2* decay time and decay rate

Correct for breathing motion

Calculation of T1 relaxation time

Calculation of relative upslope and various other parameters


Left ventricle (LV) and right ventricle (RV) volumes

Wall motions analysis

Wall thickness and wall thickening measurements

Simple caliper measurements

Display of results in AHA 16 segment model

Display with curves of bullseye

Automatic infarct quantification


Cross-referencing tools

Fast paging through series

Export graphical report to PACS and as a PDF

Export numerical results via xml


Extracellular volume

LV and RV Strain

Olea Medical-Cardiology, Kryptonite solutions
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