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Olea Medical technologies are intelligent MRI & CT medical imaging software applications developed to provide optimal patient-centric care.

Our evidence-based design installations create therapeutic spaces that enhance the patient experience. Let us help you create restorative clinical interiors that facilitate treatments and diagnostic care.

Seamless Integration, MRI-Post Processing Applications
Seamless Integration, MRI-Post Processing Applications

Seamless Integration

Our Olea Sphere ® 3.0 platform is installed in compliance within organizational network and informatics structures, providing seamless integration and improved workflow.

Collaborative Care, MRI-Post Processing Applications

Collaborative Care

Thanks to worldwide partnerships with leaders in all specialties of medical imaging, Olea Medical offers collaborative software applications for improved patient-centric care.

Innovation Leader, MRI-Post Processing Applications

Innovation Leader

Since 2008, Olea Medical ® has delivered innovative diagnostic solutions and today is a global leader in vendor-neutral advanced MRI & CT medical imaging post-processing.

MRI Post Processing Modules

NEUROLOGY, computed tomography, MRI-Post Processing Applications


Key information for benign and malignant differentiation with seamless integration into your daily MRI and CT scan workflow.

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ONCOLOGY, symptoms of fallen bladder, MRI-Post Processing Applications


Faster lesion characterization, increased confidence for therapeautic strategy, and improved treatment response evaluation.

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WOMEN'S HEALTH, MRI-Post Processing Applications

Women's Health

Dedicated breast MRI imaging software solution for the characterization, follow-up, and planning of interventional procedures.

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SPORTS MEDICINE, radiography, MRI-Post Processing Applications

Sports Medicine

State-of-the-art MRI software solution for diagnosis and follow-up of sports-related and orthopedic conditions.

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CARDIOLOGY, cardiology branch of medicine, MRI-Post Processing Applications


Automated and vendor-independent medical software solution for MRI cardiovascular disease assessment.

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Olea Medical, Kryptonite solutions, MRI-Post Processing Applications

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