Transforming Patient Healing with MRI Ambience Technology, Kryptonite solutions

Transforming Patient Healing with MRI Ambience Technology

MRI, one of the most common imaging scans, presents a challenge for many patients. MRI Ambient Experience for MRI solution already contributes to a positive patient and staff experience. The unique MRI Ambience Technology takes this experience to another level by providing information and guidance to the patient during scanning as well as information about scan progress. The focus on patient experience has helped the Department of Radiology in many Hospitals to differentiate itself from others in the region. Patient healing and department efficiency go together.

Patient experience is a crucial factor for the successful operation of a radiology department. Patients are positive and the MRI staffs see these features help calm patients, reducing motion-related problems and providing excellent images. People-centricity can bring higher productivity, more efficient processes and a better care experience for patients, family and staff. These are some of the tangible results which can help your healthcare facility achieve with Ambient Experience. It demonstrates that reducing patient stress can make it easier for them to cooperate and thereby decrease delays and retakes. This can all have a significant impact on your clinical, operational and financial challenges. MRI Ambient Experience was proposed to transform the traditional scanning experience, it give patients a comforting and engaging experience during the scan.

Kryptonite’s evidence-based research approach and people-centric design thinking help facilities uncover new opportunities to improve the patient, family and staff experience. MRI Ambient Experience can benefit many areas from waiting areas and uptake rooms to treatment and recovery rooms and even entire departments. Our team uses room design guidelines, dynamic lighting and projection to give patients greater control and positive distractions during their journey.

Kryptonite’s MR Projector can offer your patients something that they never expected from an imaging scan. You can create an atmosphere that transports them out of the imaging suite and into a relaxing environment of their choice. Kryptonite’s MRI Projector promotes healing environment promotes harmony of mind, body, and spirit; and studies have shown this can promote faster healing. Successful healthcare facilities understand that patients expect not only the best equipment; but the experience they will remember and tell everyone about. It’s all about the experience the patient had while they were at the facility. Through an immersive video experience by the MR Projector that distracts and entertains patients while they are in the bore, you can enhance patient cooperation and workflow, and deliver an experience that elevates patient comfort.

When your patients have a positive scanning experience, you benefit from a reputation as a patient-friendly MRI provider. In today’s competitive marketplace, patients often shop around for the facility they hope will provide the most attentive care. The MRI Ambient experience helps to deliver by marrying excellent image quality with an engaging lightning environment. From the moment a patient is moved into the scanner (the point at which people report the most anxiety), through completion of the scan, this solution by Kryptonite can help patients to relax and hold still. If the MRI exam becomes easier for the patient, it can lead to workflow efficiencies for you. MRI Ambient lighting is the perfect way to set the tone of any room. The lighting helps to complete the mood, allowing for happier guests & patients. Although often not completely noticed, mood lighting subtly enhances any room with minimal effort. Colour is a fundamental element of environmental design. It is linked to psychological, physiological, and social reactions of human beings, as well as aesthetic and technical aspects of human-made environments. A cafeteria for example should not only provide good visual conditions but should offer a homely atmosphere. Likewise, treatment rooms in the hospitals should be relaxation areas and help patients to calm down and disconnect with the right light ambience. Whether sitting down for a cup of tea or having MRI scans, environment is more important where people feel relaxed and stress free.

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Some of the Positive Comments from Doctors & Patients on Ambient Experience

“The hospital made us feel at home and relaxed at a stressful scan. The lights and the graphics made the scan a very pleasant experience for a young child, thank you all for your contribution to making our daughter well!”

“The department is very child friendly and all the ambient lights and projectors make it a lot more calming and relaxing, taking the children’s minds off why they are here.”

“The projector helped my son relax and take his mind off the scan.”

“By reducing movement of patients, we have reduced repeat scans, waiting times, rescheduling and staff overtime.”

“We’ve been using this for about five months now, and it’s very effective. For patients, it’s a great experience and at the same time a distraction if they’re nervous or feeling a little claustrophobic”

*Survey comments from Doctors, Patients and Relatives of Patients.

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