In Bore MRI Cinema

MRI Cinema

Immersive Visual

Have you ever been to a radiology centre frightened of getting inside an MRI Machine? Even the bravest soul would be terrified just thinking about going inside the closed bore for such a long time. This would not only be claustrophobic but stressful and frustrating as well. But, not anymore. Introducing the Kryptonite In-Bore MRI Cinema where patients can watch while having an MRI Scan improving the quality of your experience.

This system available in 19’’ and 32’’ models is an ultimate viewing experience device which is MRI compatible. With the help of mobile trolley, the LCD screen can be moved anywhere in the MRI Room conveniently. When your patients have a positive scanning experience, you benefit from a reputation as a patient friendly MRI provider. Ultimately MRI exam becomes easier for the patient leading to workflow efficiencies in busy department, your staff has less time to spend with patient. Thus, through an immersive video experience that distracts and entertains patients while they are in the bore, you can enhance patient cooperation and workflow, and deliver an experience that elevates patient comfort. Patients can watch their relatives through a camera which is provided outside in the console helping them remain calm during the scan duration.

Explainer Video

How it works?

An LCD screen is installed at the backside of the bore & with help of prism glasses or mirror on head coil, patients can way the videos which are played through the console outside the room. The location of the LCD screen is unaffected by the magnetic field. It provides a visual space that helps take the patients attention away from the actual examination space. The technology displays expansive cinema videos inside the bore of MRI systems. High reality images are played on the screen which patients can see during the scan diverting their minds.

In-Bore Audio System - MRI Audio Headphones

Increase noise attenuation and exceptional sound quality provides more definite audio enlivening to the patients which in turn leads to better response mechanism. Our headphones are designed sleek to fit into most of the head coils giving a superb sound quality. Through easy to use communication console the patient can listen to their own choice of music using USB Stick, DVD, Youtube & many more compatible hardware options. The audio system allows you to connect any hardware device through 3.5mm jack.

Watch your loved ones during MRI scan

Patients can watch their relatives during scan through a camera provided in the console outside. This helps them in reducing the anxiety of getting inside the MRI machine and feel more secured while the scan is going on. Ultimately ensuring a smooth scan!

Intraoperative MR Imaging

Works as a great complementary product in an intraoperative MR Imaging session. Any screen image in the control room can be transferred to the MR room. Provides real-time imaging feedback to the surgeon inside the MR room. Images come from MR console or some other post-processing computers.

Helps Children Complete MRIs Sedation-free

Kids are often sedated for a lengthy Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan. But with help of our audio visual system, they have their MRI done with entertainment without anaesthesia. Avoiding anaesthesia not only makes the process much more pleasant for the family and child, but also safer.

Complete MRI Suite

Using our Ambient Lighting along with In-Bore Solution, we can create a total immersive experience for your patients. MRI, one of the most common imaging exams, presents a challenge for many patients. Ambient Experience for MRI solution already contributes to a positive patient and staff experience. The unique Ambient Experience in-bore Connect takes this experience to another level by providing information and guidance to the patient during scanning as well as information about scan progress.

Reduces Claustrophobia

With our system, your patients can completely forget about their surroundings as they become completely absorbed in watching life-like entertainment. By offering stress-free comfort and relaxation to your patients, you are creating a unique competitive advantage for your MRI facility. Studies reveal that about 12% of MRI examinations are cancelled because of patient anxiety surrounding long, confining imaging procedures.


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