Ambient Lighting


The bright lights of a traditional facility are often harsh and overly bright

Using a combination of LED strip lights and LED down lights, Virtual Environments is able to greatly enhance the look and feel of any room. Using the remote control to adjust the lighting, you are able to set any desired colour to suit the room’s theme or even the patients favourite colour. This makes for a much more engaging experience that will help soothe the mind of anyone in the room.

The bright lights of a traditional facility are often harsh and overly bright. Ambient lighting solutions offer a calming wash of colour that compliments the theme of the room and help create a sense of calm for the patient. Illuminations Serene has proven to be an extremely popular solution for both patients and staff alike.

For as long as we can remember, hospitals and healthcare facilities have been using incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures to illuminate patient rooms, offices, hallways, bathrooms, etc. These lights have been the go-to because of their output, cost, and availability. What hospital facility managers fail to realize is that incandescent and fluorescent lights aren’t dependable and can have many negative effects on patients. When it comes to hospital lighting, LED light bulbs and fixtures are the best alternatives for many reasons.


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