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Landscape Window

23 August, 2017

Why is having a window so important? Because windows open door to an expanse of landscape, giving you a feeling of openness, which a room cannot give.

When everyone today is living in a closeted environment, it becomes all the more essential to have a window which will lend a sense of space to people to all those who are there. It has a direct impact on the workplace in terms of job satisfaction, general well-being and suitably decreasing the sense of quitting. Spending time in a room with a window and that too with a double advantage of a beautiful view does the world of good to the person. Undoubtedly, having a window, both at the workplace and at home enhances better health and therefore getting its due importance

Today, the same feeling joy and happiness is being captured in virtual window panels, virtual skylights, virtual ceilings etc., installed in hospital and healthcare homes, to renew the feeling of being alive!

Window influences in specific ways

Firstly, a window illuminates the room. The light penetrating the room gives it a natural warmth adding to the sense of vibrancy.

And the view of course. Nothing can replace the positive effect of a window with a beautiful view. It lends a certain cheer, giving energy to all in that room. Additionally, a view of natural surroundings like trees, vegetation, colorful flowers, and greenery was found to insulate the individual from the negative impact of stress, feeling of resignation and quitting.

Why is light important

A study indicates that exposure to light and images of natural surroundings throughout the day, even if it through a window, leads to better sleep at night. It also gives energy thus increasing physical activity and improving the general quality of life. This kind of environment is no doubt beneficial to your health through its effects on mood, alertness, feeling fit and fine, as well as metabolism.

Therefore, illuminated virtual window panels with an inbuilt view were found to be impactful enhancing the sense of happiness, feeling of vibrancy and productivity, and mainly helping to reduce the recovery time of patients who have undergone a surgery. By combining cutting-edge technology and fine art, Kryptonite virtual window panels and landscape windows aim to reduce stress and increase a sense of calm. The company, therefore, strives to create a better indoor environment for patients and health care assistants at hospitals, infirmary, nursing homes, even hospital cafeterias etc. with virtual window panels, skylights, sky ceilings, cinema skin etc.

Virtual Skylight, window panels or landscape windows provide a realistic view of the natural environment, the flora that nature provides for all of us. It allows patients, especially those who are immobile and confined to bed, an eye-catching image to admire. Pictures of feather clouds against a light blue sky, an alluring expanse of the night sky, or a beautiful jungle with foliage, plants, and colorful flora are known to works wonders on such patients.

These virtual window panels, landscape windows, sky ceilings, skylights are designed to be an essential part of a larger

that works to convert any grey and sterile room into a warm and inviting place. Cinema skin of dynamic nature images and a selection of scenic beauty, ocean view, sunrise and sunset, waterfalls, rivers and much more creates a realistic experience enriching the environment and making the patient less stressed. As a result, virtual window panels are on the rise and understandably so.

Landscape Windows, virtual window panels, sky ceilings are used by prime healthcare facilities worldwide to automatically trigger a sense of comfort in the patient psychology by boosting our inborn connection with nature.

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