Landscape Window

23 August, 2017

Why is having a window so important? Because windows open door to an expanse of landscape, giving you a feeling of openness, which a room cannot give. When everyone today is living in a closeted environment, it becomes all the more essential to have a window which will lend a sense of space to people to all those who are there. It has a direct impact on the workplace in terms of job satisfaction, general well-being and suitably decreasing the sense of quitting. Spending time in a room with a window and that too with a double advantage of a beautiful view does the world of good to the person. Undoubtedly, having a window, both at the workplace and at home enhances better health and therefore getting its due importance Today, the same feeling joy and happiness is being captured in virtual window panels, virtual skylights, virtual ceilings etc., installed in hospital and healthcare homes, to renew the feeling of being alive! Window influences in specific ways Firstly, a window illuminates the room. The light penetrating the room gives it a natural warmth adding to the sense of vibrancy. And…

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Light up your healthcare

19 August, 2017

Greenery, and all the colors of nature: It is well known in the area of healing that watching fishes in an aquarium or even looking at such an image immediately helps lower the blood pressure, soothing one’s mind and calming one’s nerves. Similarly, have you ever noticed that when you come across a beautiful natural landscape, the complete look gives you a refreshed, revitalising feeling? That feeling of “wow” can also be felt if you see an eye catching photo frame of a landscape or such surrounding. That is the reason why when you go visiting the outskirts of any city, the natural greenery, changes one’s mood. Such scenes give their silent yet powerful boost to everyone. Imagine how powerful it would then be when utilised in hospitals and health care units. Inherent attraction to nature: The inherent love of nature is naturally built in all of us. It goes without saying that there are many such hidden benefits and advantages of such a scenery which is now coming to be recognised as a vital essential aspect towards health recovery. Therefore, displaying such pictures of nature in hospital wards and…

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